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Achievements under VEN


Note: BCI mother company was incorporated in 2014 and carried out activities from that year onward until January 2019 where all activities have been frozen.

Le Gray Hotel

The group’s first project, Le Gray Hotel, located in the heart of Beirut Central District, worth around US$ 200 million, completed in December 2010. Consisting of seven floors luxury boutique hotels managed by Campbell Gray UK Ltd. and a luxurious integrated up-class Department store (assigned at that time to Harvey Nichols London) , it proffers 300 job vacancies to individuals in the Lebanese society. The hotel and Department store serve as the means to having created these jobs.

Al Wadi Grand Residence

Al Wadi Grand Residence, a deluxe residential compound, in Wadi Aboujmil, covers a land area of 8,000-m2 in the high potential area of Central Beirut. Besides the gardens and the private fitness area that are part of the overall project, Al Wadi Grand Residence consists of 12 superbly and traditionally designed buildings. This project incurred a cost of around US$ 110 million and a total sale value in the amount of 250 Million US$ proffering 50 job vacancies as completed during October 2012.

Port D’Amour

Port D’Amour, a resort consisting of two breathtakingly luxurious and comfortable 5-star hotels, overhangs an exceptionally astounding 600-meter sandy shoreline. Centers and clubs are built specifically to cater for families with children and for Marine sports lovers. One of the hotels is designed to be a spa of international standards and aims to become one of the best health resorts in the region. Port D’amour, a US$85 million project, was expected to be finalized within a two and a half year period.

Airport Mall

A famous asset “Airport Mall sal”owned by group Audi/Saradar was taken over by the group. Acquisition was led by PAJ. Airport Mall Sal, the owning company of a 55000 sqm plot located in the most strategic point of south west of Beirut i.e. “Khaldeh”, where the largest Mall shall be erected consisted of an investment size in the rough of 250 to 300 Million US$.
Operation now is frozen as major shareholder is seeking exit.


Right before your eyes, bright lights set the mood for the culinary delights that come to life. The elevated central table draws your eyes, while the rhythmic tunes take over your body. A succulent aroma fills the room and whets your appetite. Each of your senses is stimulated. From above, people in the cigar lounge enjoy a privileged view of the scene below. The Space, the food, the music, the people, merge to make sure that this performance lasts until the early hours.

Blueberry Capital Inc

BCI is an investment banking boutique whose owners and managers have over thirty years of aggregate experience, gained in the banking sector, venture capital and real estate development, in advising on the development of green field and existing projects and on the restructuring of companies in various sectors (including but not limited to real estate, retail, tourism, manufacturing) in addition to raising equity and debt financing.